Join me on my new adventure!

I have been performing, composing and arranging music for over 30 years. I have been on dozens of albums, recorded 5 of my own and have enjoyed every second of it! I am so excited about this new experience on Patreon as I will be able to create so much more! Patreon follows the age old model of patrons who help support artists while the artists create art for the patrons. Pretty simple! The cool thing about todays world is that the technology allows us to connect in new ways! I have spent months preparing to launch this new project and happy to say of A LOT of content is in the works to be released to my Patreon subscribers. Some of it will be exclusive and some will be in advance of public release. The content will vary from traditional audio format to video, live stream, stories and thoughts in a more blog type format and what ever else I can come up with, all in one location! Click the button below to learn more.