2018 Recording Project!

I'm not going to lie and tell you that making an album is easy. It's not! There is a huge amount of work that goes into it. For that reason its been more than 5 years since I recorded an album under my name. I have been itching to do it as I love the process, and then recently it hit me. I can't decide which project to record! I am fortunate to have so many opportunities in music so............

Why not record them all!!!!! Well at least as many as I can. I had a moment of inspiration at the end of 2017 (translate insanity), I could try and record like they did in the days before the Beatles (Think Atlantic records recording John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Aretha Franklin and many more in Atlantic's office!). I could record several sessions throughout the year each potentially being an album in and of itself. Each session would simply document a moment in time. Then I thought, what modern twist(s) can I put on this idea? So the idea of turning these sessions into digital LPs (remember LPs?!) culminating with a compilation album for official release at the end of the project. I also thought maybe I could get some listeners into some of the sessions as well and have a bit of an audience to play for!

What's the downside to all this? It potentially could cost a small fortune (at least to me) and I just can't take that kind of risk. The good news is that I have ways to make much of it happen very reasonably so no matter what, something WILL come out of this project (more on that below). Where I can use help of course is in the financial department, so I am offering up an idea for listeners to be a part of the process with me. I am offering a members only page on my website where members will have access to all of the recorded material, video footage from sessions, updates on the overall project and of course the actual final products (digital LPs and compilation album). Again, I do have a plan to make this happen even with a minimal budget, but depending on how many people participate, I could really do some interesting things! 

Here is what I can do with a small budget:

-2 recording sessions and access to the music on my site. So good news something is going to happen!

Ultimately here is what could happen with the proper budget:

-Up to 8 different groups recorded including my quartet, big band, soul jazz group and some concept groups including a group with strings, a group playing compositions inspired from music around the globe, a couple different groups playing hammond organ music and an experimental groove project. Ideally the music would not only be available on my site, but actual releases on the ARC label and of course possibly including over 30 different musicians! Don't forget, the goal is to have as much of this recorded in 2018 as possible! 

Here is what I have in place:

-The music and projects to record (more than 50 possible compositions with 8 projects)

-The musicians to record with (more than 30, that's a lot of mouths to feed!)

-Venues to record in

-ARC record label's support

-My website

Here is what I need to get it off the ground:

-People who believe in the project and want to become members/backers/patrons.

-The primary concerns are: paying the musicians for their performances and of course studio time. After that, depending on how many participants there are in the project I would like to increase the quality of the product for release which would include mastering, artwork, duplication, promotion and distribution all of which are a pretty hefty expense. Like I said, if a sizable number of people find this project interesting, we record a lot of music and get it out to the public.

-If its a small budget then the participants get to hear the music as promised on the website and anything that is releasable will be provided to them as digital LPs (mp3 format). Either way my goal is to keep the investment a worthwhile endeavor for those who choose to accept their mission! 

What ways can you participate?

- $15 (digital LP level) If you simply want to have the digital LPs when each is finished (more participants equals more projects and more value to you!).

- $30 (Membership Level) The digital LPs plus access to the members page which will include updates, all tunes (even ones that don't make the album). and depending on how many participants there are (budget) other perks like videos and more sessions. Access to the membership page will be guaranteed until March 31, 2019 to make sure everything has had time to be accessed.

- $40+ (Patron Level) Want to be a patron of the artistic process? You can contribute more than $40 (what ever you wish) and you can still have the perks from above and will be thanked in the credits.

-$500 (Exec. Producer level) Want to be listed in the credits as an Executive Producer? For $500 or more you will receive the above plus the Executive Producer title. A true Patron of the arts!


Together we can make some great music happen!!!

Thank you for your interest! 


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